Report: Obama Privately Lobbied on Harvard President Claudine Gay’s Behalf amid Antisemitism Scandals

Former President Barack Obama secretly lobbied on behalf of embattled Harvard President Claudine Gay’s amid the antisemitism scandals that have rocked the Ivy League university, according to a report by Fox News. Obama, who graduated Harvard’s […]


NPR: People ‘Running Victory Laps’ But ‘Sticky Upwards’ Prices ‘Will Stay’ and Average Person ‘Locked Out’ of Housing

On Friday’s “PBS NewsHour,” NPR host Roben Farzad stated that people are upset with the state of the economy because prices are far higher than they were before even with the rate of inflation declining […]


CNN: 2023 ‘Tough’ for Economy and ‘Tougher’ for Housing, Mortgage Rate Drop ‘Not Going to Be Significant’

On Wednesday’s “CNN News Central,” co-host Kate Bolduan remarked that “2023 was a tough year for the economy” and it was “even tougher for the housing market.” And CNN Business Correspondent Rahel Solomon stated that while […]